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Communities And Structural Adaption

Hello Y’all


Hi, today I will be talking about communities and structural adaptations as you can see at the big line at the top, that would be the titles. So just so you know I have a sheet of questions, so I will be putting the question and then  MY   answer.


What are communities you ask? Well I have a great answer.

When a bundle of species interacts in the same habitat. The plant and the animal need to help each other survive.

The plants can feed the animals. As well as animals eating animals. There are a bunch of different communities.


Define The word COMMUNITY

A group of animals or people in an area would be a community. A group with animals in plants is also a community.

Explain the relationship between flowers and insects/birds that exist within a community. Is the relation ship to both species. If so why?

The birds can help the plant by pollinating it. The plant will feed the insects and or birds but mostly animals. When the bees get pollen all over and carries it to the next flower. With no nectar the plant will not survive not the insect or birds. This is a mutual relationship because the insects and the birds benefit from what they’ve done.

Structural Adaption

Most animals have a part of their body to help them live in their habitat. For example an aquatic animal, they have webbed feet to help them swim. With those they can survive more easily. Another example is sharp claws. Sharp claws can make the animal have more grip to the ground while trying to run from predators and or trying to catch prey. The most structural adaptation that you can see is SHARP teeth. The sharp teeth help the animal eat their prey better.


What is a structural adaptation?

A thing that plants or animals have to help live in a habitat. So for claws they run faster. Webbed feet help the animal swim. Camouflage  skin helps with hiding.

Choose a structural adaption from the text (I read it). In the space below write about how the structural adaptions help the animal or plant survive?

Leopards  have dots and sharp claws. The dots help them with camouflage to catch prey or run away from predators by hiding. the sharp nails help them run away from predators or run to get their prey without falling.

Structural Adaptions Assignment


I enjoyed this project, it was fun. There were a lot of fun parts.

Peace Out


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Creative writing


I made a story check it out:

Monster And Ghost Boloney

In a very very dark forest there was a girl named Christina. Christina had blue eyes, curly hair in pigtails. She was very kind. She was picking berries for her mom. 


The forest was very dark. There were bats everywhere. Spider webs were hanging from trees (with spiders on them.) The sound of wolves were howling loudly with scary shreeks. There was a very gross swamp down the road. It was a horrible space really. Christina didn’t care. All she thought about was cherrys, rainbows, her mom and dad, cherries and more cherries


She was walking down the road picking strawberries. “What red strawberries,” Christina said. It was true though. The strawberries were VERY red and sweet. Christina was very close to a swamp when she heard a growl she thought it was a nice windy howl.


When Christina was down the road closer to the swamp she heard the growl again. This time she got a bit scared, but she continued on walking. Since it was getting dark it was getting way more scary. Poor little Christina was now running to get to the berry patch. 


Christina heard another growl. She felt like something was following her.  She looked behind her and saw a monster


It was green with scary teeth. It had lots of mud on it and had very pointy ears. It was slimy and wet. While it was running it was losing some slime. 


Christina was running for her life. She dropped all her berries. The monster stopped and ate the berries and continued on running. Christina heard a loud growl and the next thing she knew there was a ghost in front of her.


Christina knew there was no such thing as a ghost, but at the moment she did. Christina asked herself “Why did I say I would go berry picking?” “ Anyway, no time to think about that now!!!!!!” 



Christina saw the berry field and ran so fast to get there. She picked lots of berries and threw them at the monsters. They ate them very quickly. Christina picked some more. They ate them all. Christina picked some more. They ate it. This happened over and over again. Soon Christina was out of berries!


Christina then said “Are you lonely?” “NO” replied the monster. “I am lost.” Said the ghost. “Same,” The monster said. “Oh Okay. I can help. Tell me where you live? ” Christina replied. “Hubba Bubba Lake,” replied the monster. “Musy lane,” Replied Ghost. “Okay. I’ll get you there” Replied Christina


Christina got her mom to drive the monster and the ghost to their houses. It wasn’t a pretty drive. The trees had no leaves in the middle of summer. The side of the street was all mud. It was raining heavily. 


When they got to Hubba Bubba Lake it had stopped raining. Hubba Bubba Lake was something. (I mean it looked hideous. It was brown and muddy. There was no fish, no plants, nothing except mud. Now you see what I mean) 


“Thank you so much,” Monster said, “I will see you tomorrow right?” “Right,” said Christina. “Goodbye” “Good bye” monster replied. Christina hopped back in the car and she and her mom left.


On the car ride to Musy lane Christina told her mom what had happened. “They jumped out and started chasing me. I fed them berries but then I ran out of berries. I got so scared. Then I asked them what was wrong. They told me then I came and got you.” Christina said. “Sweetie, that was very kind of you.” Mom said. “I am really sorry,” said the ghost. “I just wanted to protect myself.” “that is okay,” Christina said. “Just  DO NOT do that again.”


After a while they got to Musy Lane. “I am so sorry,” Said ghost. “Can you meet me here tomorrow?” “Yes I can. Oh and thank you.” Christina said as she ran back to her car.


Everyone became friends and they all had a very happy time with no more jumping out. (Christina did keep her promise and visited them)


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My Tropical Rain Forest Project

Hello Again,

I made a slide show about Tropical rain forests. My class had a habitat project and had to choose a habitat. I picked tropical rain forests

Please read my slides

I found this project very fun. I found doing all the research fun. I want to do more projects and can’t wait to do something like this soon!

Peace Out,


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Tefilla With Dr. Miztmacher

Hello again,



I am going to be writing about tefillah with my principle. (Just so you know starting this monday we do tefillah last period.)


מודה אני

You say this prayer in the morning in your bed. In the olden days the Rabbi thought when you were asleep you were dead, Because it looks like when you’re asleep you are dead. Of course that isn’t true but back in the old days everybody thought it was because the rabbis thought that when you were sleeping you looked like you were dead. The reason why we say this prayer is because It’s a way to thank God for letting us wake up again.


ברכות השחר

There are 15 parts to this prayer. We say this to tell god we are thankful for everything he has done for us like putting food on the table, letting us put on clothes in the morning and pjs at night.


How Could I Use This In My Everyday Life?

I could use it in the morning to thank god for letting me wake up. If something happens to me that is good I could thank god.


Thank you for reading bye.

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My Stop Motion

Hi y’all 🤖

Today I am  going to be talking about my group’s stop motion project.

My group got asked to do a stop motion based on the book The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. What is stop motion???? Stop motion is basically you go on to a stop motion app and you take a bunch of pictures. The pictures you take become a video. My group worked on the scene where Roz fell off the tree and met Brightbill.

These are the pictures I used to help:

This is what is going to happen in in the scene

These are our goals

This is the task

The is what the set was going to look like

These is a pro guide to building Lego stop motion

This is using the stop motion app.

This is the skit

The is time to start filming!

This is about what is contained in your scene.


Stop Motion Video

This is our stop motion video:

My Self Assessment

This is my assessment:

This is the teamwork.

This is for the set.

Self Reflection

I liked it. I think I should do better is finding things for other people to do. I likes the building and recording. The app was good. Next time I want to know to do the prologue before doing the rest of the video.


Peace out



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My Book Review

Hello Everyone,

I read a book called Hello Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly.

For homework we were asked to do a book review. Check it out;

I liked this book because it was an adventurist and twisty book. I liked the project because I love reading. I want the due date to be three weeks for another project like this!



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What Are Spiders And What Do They Look Like?

Spiders are a type of insects. Insects are a type of animal. Spiders have 8 legs and 8 eyes. Spiders are creepy and helpful. Spiders are boneless.

Spiders Babies

Spiders make nests of babies. They are made out of web. There can be more than a thousand babies in there. If you see a little white ball in a corner of a room it could be spider nest.


Cool Facts

  1. Spider’s blood is blue.

2. Spiders shed

3. Tarantulas are the biggest type of spider in the world.

4. Some spiders bite

This is a fact I made up for me

I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always have.


Spiders catch flies and then suck out the flies blood. How gross but how cool

Thank you for reading! Bye!!!! Starielle Out!

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Indigenous Project – Reflection

Hi again,

I am going to be talking about my Indigenous project.

My class got assigned a project for Orange Shirt Day. We had to pick an Indigenous community. Abby Kitty chose Metis. We got a book and a big piece of paper.

We read the book and put sticky notes on what we wanted to write about. We also put were we wanted pictures to get printed.

It took a couple weeks but we finished. Abby Kitty and I had so much fun presenting. I can’t wait to do more projects like that!

Here are some pictures:

Thank you for listening! Bye

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My Science Unit: Sound


Hi, I’m back! Today I will be talking about my second science unit sound. My focus’s are:

  • What is sound
  • What are the four properties of sound
  • What are vibration
  • An experiment I did on tuning fork/salt/water
  • How I made my Kazoo and how does a ear work
  • What is pitch?

Now lets get started

My Kazoo

I used

  1. toilet paper roll
  2. tissue paper
  3. elastic bands

First I put the tissue paper over the toilet paper roll. I used the elastic bands to attach the tissue paper on to the toilet paper roll. Easy!

Now attaching to the subject vibration. Vibration is when something moves back and forth over and over again. Press your hand to your throat, say something. What do you feel? You feel vibration. Did you know when you talk your throat is vibrating. How cool!


I got asked a bunch of questions here is a video of the questions I got asked


What Are The 4 Properties Of Sound

  1. Sound travels through air
  2. Sound can be reflected which means it bounces off of things
  3. Sound can be absorbed which means it does not bounce off of things
  4. Sound can be modified ( it means pitches and loudness)
  5. Sound is caused by  vibration


How Does An Ear Work?

Human ear cutaway diagram. Anatomy illustration. Human ear cutaway diagram; anatomy illustration. Ear Stock Photo

In our middle ear there is an eardrum, when you hear something the eardrum vibrates back and forth moving the Auditory bones. Then the bones send the vibration into the little thing after the auditory bones called the cochlea. The cochlea is filled with liquid and lined with thousands of tiny ear hair. When the sound hits it vibrates and the water moves and makes the little ear hair move back and forth. The hair are joined with nerves that send signals to your brain. How cool is that!

I made a video; check it out:

What is an echos?

I recorded a video; Check it out!

What Is Vibration?

I recorded a video; Check it out!

The Tuning Fork Experiment And How Does Sound Travel?


How does sound travel? Sound travels in sound waves that look like this:

I made a video; Check it out!


Pitch And Volume

What is pitch? What is volume? There are different kinds of pitch:

  • Higher Pitch = higher pitch is the loudest pitch the hardest one to hear.
  • Lower Pitch = Not as high
  • Softer Volume = Getting into volume just like whispering
  • Louder volume = Regular voice

What Is Sound

I made a video; check it out!

My Reflection

I like science so far because I like all the experiments and learning about new things! I want to approve of finishing the experiments on time!! I can’t wait to learn more!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye guys write to you soon!

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My First Unit in Science LIGHT

Hello, I’m back. Today I will be writing about the science unit… Light!

First we need to know about Natural and Artificial. Natural is the light the world made, such as the sun. Artificial light is light that we humans make, such as the lights that are in your room. How do you know if it is natural or not? Okay lets say you see  a flash of lightning, do humans make light? No. So that is natural. Anything that Humans make is Artificial.

Now that we know about Natural and Artificial light we need to know about Luminous and Non luminous. Luminous is when objects emit or shows light are called Luminous. Objects that don’t give off light but reflects it are called Non-luminous.

Great, we know that so we need to know how light moves. Light moves by bouncing off things like a table. It is how your room gets bright

OMG!!!! You learned so much already but there is so much more to learn! What is a reflection? What makes a good reflector??? good reflectors are: a mirror and some aluminium foil. Bad reflectors are a carpet and a pencil and so much more!

Okay Okay! You want to learn more, I can tell you more!!! What is Opaque,Transparent and translucent. Opaque is something that you cannot see through at ALL.  I did that because: Translucent Is sort of see through but it isn’t opaque, Last but not least: Transparent. Transparent is when something is absolutely see through, like a window.

Here are some videos:


I love science so far and can’t wait to learn more! Bye for now! See you soon or should I say Talk to you soon.



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