June 14

Myths And Legends

Hi everyone,

Today I will be taking about my project on myths and legends. We had to pick a project to do it on,

  1. Research on a myth or legend
  2. Create your own myth or legend
  3. create your own character

Take a look

Now look at some of my work sheets:

I really enjoyed this project. I thought it was very fun. I don’t know what I can do diffrent.

Peace out


June 13

Rocks And Minerals – Self Directed

Hi I hope you want to learn about rocks

I will be taking about my rock projects take a look:

Being Ready To Learn

Setting Learning Goals

Engaging In The Learning Process

Evaluating Learning

I really liked this project. Next time I want to set a higher goal, for achieving  more. ON my assessment I think I would mark a 9-10. I think it is interesting

May 25

MY Public Speaking – Grade 4

Hi take a look at my public speaking


Give me your tired, give me your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” These are  famous words by Emma Lazarus, talking about how she wants to help the less fortunate”


Hello Ms.M, class, and guests. As you know I am very protective of my fellow classmates which  means I am also protective of everyone including animals. Did you know life isn’t as good for everyone as you think? Sure we have money and that is all we think about, but what about the ones who don’t. People who are less fortunate and some need more shelters. It should be easier for people to get jobs, and the cost of living should be lower (so everyone can afford things such as groceries, rent and ect. Together we can help make it so there are less homeless people. Today we will be taking the importance of the poor. Learning about the topics such as the amount of shelters, work conditions, inflation.

Point One: More shelters

There should be more shelters for multiple reasons. More than 270,000 people can qualify for a homeless shelter but guess what there are not that many that will accommodate them. There are many organizations that support homeless shelters in the US and Canada. In fact, Ottawa has 8 shelters that provide services, but still that is not enough. People who don’t have homeless shelters are left on the streets begging for money.  Wishing their life was different. They get ignored multiple times by people. Have you ever given money to a homeless person? Or are you going to? You should because even 2 dollars is a lot to someone who needs it. You can save a life. For an example my mother asked a homeless man what size his foot was and she went out of her way to get that man a pair of boots. 


Topic 2: Getting to work

We now know lots about homeless shelters, but what about less work conditions?

Ever wonder why those homeless people can’t go and get a job? Well if you don’t, I do. After taking time to think about this topic and do research I came up with this.


Maybe they have a disability, like they can’t speak, they are deaf or blind. Maybe because of this they can’t get a job because things aren’t so accessible. Creating buildings that are more accessible, so the homeless people with disabilities can have easier access to the building or anything else.

What about work conditions?  People think people should be able to dress properly. On a study people expect others to dress accordingly to the job . There are many jobs that you are able to get but the poor can’t get them.

Topic 3: No more inflation

Have you heard your parents talking about how they hate the cost of living? Well I have, and I don’t like hearing it. Okay, it will be hard for all of us to hear but: There are many many people who can’t buy themselves an apple, not an apple because of the cost of living. It has increased very much so from 5.1 in January 2022 to 8.1 in June 2022.What does that mean that 5.1 goes up to 8.1? It means the cost has gone up 3 dollars then 5 dollars then 8 in the time. Wow that is a lot. With the cost of living growing, the poor can’t get a load of things like medication from the drugstore, clothes, what would happen if you had none? Food as well. No food, No huge holes in clothes. Guests or ms.M,  wouldn’t you like it if the cost of living was cheaper? As one  grade 4 student I can’t do much, but all of us can make a small difference! So think what can we do? Maybe give food to a food bank or clothes. Let’s be the change now!


Overall if you see a homeless person, you should give them a looney, give them a tooney! Even the smallest amount can help. Running a shop? you can make things cheaper! Need help at work? Try accepting the way people look, and make the business building more accessible . Thinking of buying a building? Make it a shelter!  You can take action! By doing something small you can make this world a happier, safer place, and better place. I hope this taught you something! Because nothing is too small. Thank you, and remember if you have any spare change, give a looney or a tooney anything can help!



May 25

My Podcast Reflection!

Hi y’all, today I will be talking about my podcast. If you didn’t know that, feel free to go to Spotify and search up OJCS Medahbehr or go to this link. Go to: Back To The Titanic and listen in. I have been asked some questions, look down below.

What Went Well?

Almost everything went well. Maybe if Shayna, Abbykitty and I knew if we were supposed to add music or interludes.

What Did I Enjoy

I enjoyed all of it, I enjoyed just getting the chance to read a book I don’t have. I also loved being able to make a podcast, It has been my dream.

What Would I Do Differently?

I would make sure my episode were at least 13 minutes not 30 minutes.

How Else Can I Use Podcasting In School

I could use podcasting in school to talk about what I learned, like a podcast about science.

Thank You For Reading Bye

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May 23

Hungry – Country Project

Hi everyone


Today I will be telling you about Hungary. We will be learning about populations, religion, food and more. We are going to learn so much your brain will explode! A few questions I will be answering are:

What is the population?

What is a popular food?

What is the climate?

What are some of the geographic features?

What are the main religions?

Some of the neighbouring countries are?

Are there special holidays?

What is the main language?

What is the population?

The population is 9,590,515. That is a good population. It is not the biggest and not the smallest. Hungary is increasing and going down. Hungry is increasing because Hungry’s government lets in lots of immigrants and migrants.

Hungary’s Religions

Hungary’s main religion is Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic takes up 37.2 percent of Hungary’s population. Another religion is Calvinist, which takes up 11.6. One more is Lutheran, which once again takes up 2.2 of Hungary population.

Hungary’s flag

Hungary’s neighbouring countries

Hungry’s neighbouring countries are: Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. All around Hungry.

Europe map

Geographic Features

Hungary’s main features are plains and hills. Plains are grasslands. Some of Plains and Hills are: Great Hungarian Plain, Transdanubian Hills, and Little Hungarian Plain



Hungary’s climate is sort of simple, sort of warm  summers and cold winters. The summer average is 8-11. Hungary’s average for winter is 0- -10

Hungary’s winter

Popular Food

Hungary’s popular food is goulash. It is made with  potato and more. The goulash is like soup. It proper name is Hungarian Goulash. Not the past goulash.



On June 19 it is Hungary’s independent day. On May 21 it is national defence day. Hungry’s independent day in Hungarian is: a fuggetlen magyarorszag napja.

May 21


Hungary’s main language is Hungarian, the language Hungarian is a very hard language filled with accent.

Here are some links to learn some Hungarian and figure out more!

Learn some Hungarian words

Take a tour


Thanks for reading peace out!

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May 15

Rocks And Minerals: Part – Cookie Excavating


Today we started a new unit. Rocks and Minerals

We started to learn about rocks and minerals. There are 3 types of rocks and other rocks formed in the unit. The types of rocks are sedementric rocks, Metamorphic rocks and Inguis rocks. A geologist is a scientist that researches the earth, such as rocks, and much more.

What we did was we got cookies and picks. We had to estimate the amount of chocolate chips. Then we had to pick the cookie apart to see how many chocolate chips were in it. My total for the hard cookie was 55 and for the soft cookie it was 10 chocolate chips.

Here are three pictures:

I enjoyed digging the cookies, it was very fun. I enjoyed all the parts of today.

Peace out Starielle

March 29

Innovation Day

Hi Y’all

Today I am going to talk about my innovation project.

This will include background facts, pulleys and gears, and my innovation. I have been asked to build a castle with a working drawbridge. This will also include my castle and everything else! Keep reading to find out more of the medieval times.

Medieval Background Fact🏰

Now My Booklet

Here are some pictures

My hypothesis


So now we saw my hypothesis, we NEED to see

my procedure. Check it out


Final Video

Here is my final video

Video From Web

Here is a video from the wen

Self Assessment

Alright we  have finished the project, so it is time for my self assessment,

Self Reflection

I enjoyed this project so much, like I like every innovation day project. I enjoyed everything, the science part, the history part (language arts) and the building. I can’t wait for next year’s innovation day!

See y’all later.


February 28

Communities And Structural Adaption

Hello Y’all


Hi, today I will be talking about communities and structural adaptations as you can see at the big line at the top, that would be the titles. So just so you know I have a sheet of questions, so I will be putting the question and then  MY   answer.


What are communities you ask? Well I have a great answer.

When a bundle of species interacts in the same habitat. The plant and the animal need to help each other survive.

The plants can feed the animals. As well as animals eating animals. There are a bunch of different communities.


Define The word COMMUNITY

A group of animals or people in an area would be a community. A group with animals in plants is also a community.

Explain the relationship between flowers and insects/birds that exist within a community. Is the relation ship to both species. If so why?

The birds can help the plant by pollinating it. The plant will feed the insects and or birds but mostly animals. When the bees get pollen all over and carries it to the next flower. With no nectar the plant will not survive not the insect or birds. This is a mutual relationship because the insects and the birds benefit from what they’ve done.

Structural Adaption

Most animals have a part of their body to help them live in their habitat. For example an aquatic animal, they have webbed feet to help them swim. With those they can survive more easily. Another example is sharp claws. Sharp claws can make the animal have more grip to the ground while trying to run from predators and or trying to catch prey. The most structural adaptation that you can see is SHARP teeth. The sharp teeth help the animal eat their prey better.


What is a structural adaptation?

A thing that plants or animals have to help live in a habitat. So for claws they run faster. Webbed feet help the animal swim. Camouflage  skin helps with hiding.

Choose a structural adaption from the text (I read it). In the space below write about how the structural adaptions help the animal or plant survive?

Leopards  have dots and sharp claws. The dots help them with camouflage to catch prey or run away from predators by hiding. the sharp nails help them run away from predators or run to get their prey without falling.

Structural Adaptions Assignment


I enjoyed this project, it was fun. There were a lot of fun parts.

Peace Out


February 27

Creative writing


I made a story check it out:

Monster And Ghost Boloney

In a very very dark forest there was a girl named Christina. Christina had blue eyes, curly hair in pigtails. She was very kind. She was picking berries for her mom. 


The forest was very dark. There were bats everywhere. Spider webs were hanging from trees (with spiders on them.) The sound of wolves were howling loudly with scary shreeks. There was a very gross swamp down the road. It was a horrible space really. Christina didn’t care. All she thought about was cherrys, rainbows, her mom and dad, cherries and more cherries


She was walking down the road picking strawberries. “What red strawberries,” Christina said. It was true though. The strawberries were VERY red and sweet. Christina was very close to a swamp when she heard a growl she thought it was a nice windy howl.


When Christina was down the road closer to the swamp she heard the growl again. This time she got a bit scared, but she continued on walking. Since it was getting dark it was getting way more scary. Poor little Christina was now running to get to the berry patch. 


Christina heard another growl. She felt like something was following her.  She looked behind her and saw a monster


It was green with scary teeth. It had lots of mud on it and had very pointy ears. It was slimy and wet. While it was running it was losing some slime. 


Christina was running for her life. She dropped all her berries. The monster stopped and ate the berries and continued on running. Christina heard a loud growl and the next thing she knew there was a ghost in front of her.


Christina knew there was no such thing as a ghost, but at the moment she did. Christina asked herself “Why did I say I would go berry picking?” “ Anyway, no time to think about that now!!!!!!” 



Christina saw the berry field and ran so fast to get there. She picked lots of berries and threw them at the monsters. They ate them very quickly. Christina picked some more. They ate them all. Christina picked some more. They ate it. This happened over and over again. Soon Christina was out of berries!


Christina then said “Are you lonely?” “NO” replied the monster. “I am lost.” Said the ghost. “Same,” The monster said. “Oh Okay. I can help. Tell me where you live? ” Christina replied. “Hubba Bubba Lake,” replied the monster. “Musy lane,” Replied Ghost. “Okay. I’ll get you there” Replied Christina


Christina got her mom to drive the monster and the ghost to their houses. It wasn’t a pretty drive. The trees had no leaves in the middle of summer. The side of the street was all mud. It was raining heavily. 


When they got to Hubba Bubba Lake it had stopped raining. Hubba Bubba Lake was something. (I mean it looked hideous. It was brown and muddy. There was no fish, no plants, nothing except mud. Now you see what I mean) 


“Thank you so much,” Monster said, “I will see you tomorrow right?” “Right,” said Christina. “Goodbye” “Good bye” monster replied. Christina hopped back in the car and she and her mom left.


On the car ride to Musy lane Christina told her mom what had happened. “They jumped out and started chasing me. I fed them berries but then I ran out of berries. I got so scared. Then I asked them what was wrong. They told me then I came and got you.” Christina said. “Sweetie, that was very kind of you.” Mom said. “I am really sorry,” said the ghost. “I just wanted to protect myself.” “that is okay,” Christina said. “Just  DO NOT do that again.”


After a while they got to Musy Lane. “I am so sorry,” Said ghost. “Can you meet me here tomorrow?” “Yes I can. Oh and thank you.” Christina said as she ran back to her car.


Everyone became friends and they all had a very happy time with no more jumping out. (Christina did keep her promise and visited them)