My First Unit in Science LIGHT

Hello, I’m back. Today I will be writing about the science unit… Light!

First we need to know about Natural and Artificial. Natural is the light the world made, such as the sun. Artificial light is light that we humans make, such as the lights that are in your room. How do you know if it is natural or not? Okay lets say you see  a flash of lightning, do humans make light? No. So that is natural. Anything that Humans make is Artificial.

Now that we know about Natural and Artificial light we need to know about Luminous and Non luminous. Luminous is when objects emit or shows light are called Luminous. Objects that don’t give off light but reflects it are called Non-luminous.

Great, we know that so we need to know how light moves. Light moves by bouncing off things like a table. It is how your room gets bright

OMG!!!! You learned so much already but there is so much more to learn! What is a reflection? What makes a good reflector??? good reflectors are: a mirror and some aluminium foil. Bad reflectors are a carpet and a pencil and so much more!

Okay Okay! You want to learn more, I can tell you more!!! What is Opaque,Transparent and translucent. Opaque is something that you cannot see through at ALL.  I did that because: Translucent Is sort of see through but it isn’t opaque, Last but not least: Transparent. Transparent is when something is absolutely see through, like a window.

Here are some videos:


I love science so far and can’t wait to learn more! Bye for now! See you soon or should I say Talk to you soon.


Chanukkah At Amica: My Recount

Around 12:30PM I got in my mom’s car and we drove to AMICA. Amica is close to the Ottawa Public library on Carling, it wasn’t very far from my house.  In the car I was very excited and a little bit nervous.It was in December on a cold day.


When my mom and I got there we started getting set up. We only put the table in the middle and put everything on the stage. After that I went outside to wait for Orly. When she got there she was with her dad. Her dad left after 1 minute or 2 later. Orly came inside with me ( we were a little bit scared but very excited!) We finished getting set up and started waiting for residents to show up. One after another they came to my bubby came first of course. 


When the residents arrived we gave them a dreidel for a present. They loved it. We did a speech on Chanukkah and then sang songs, For example the dreidel song. After that we taught all the residents the letters on the dreidel and we played! Orly and I played with one of the members which was very fun. We let them keep the dreidel and we gave them gelt. Everyone was so happy even though they were wearing masks. We saw it in their eyes.


 After all that I was so sad because it was time for me to leave so Orly and I  said goodbye and we started to clean up. Orly Got picked up and I said goodbye. Finally my mom and I got into the car and drove home.  It turned out to be a very memorable  Chanukkah




Pioneer Project

Hi today I will be talking about our class projects, pioneer village! I am a dressmaker with AbbyKitty. We each have names like Mary Chamberlain which is mine. I like being a dressmaker because I love making dresses. Did you know that people owned up to 2-4 clothes. Unlike now we have many. I have made dress forms for clothes. I really am having a lot of fun. We haven’t done much like acting or that stuff yet but I am really excited to do that stuff.

Season Poetry


           Holidays in winter

            No time to bicker

            There’s not enough time to get Sicker

            Chanukah, Christmas holidays are getting bigger 

            All of this is in winter

           All the fun is growing stronger

            oh I just love winter



Spring is a time for flowers to grow

The snow is about to go

The wind is starting to blow

The grass will need a mow

In spring you will need to spring

My sister’s birthday is in spring

In Fact it’s on the first day of spring



Summers at time when you will swim deep

Camp is about not getting any sleep

What about those sheep?

There is NO time to weep

So start the fun in the summer sun

At the beach

Remember those sheep



Leaves are falling 

Beauty is growing

nothing is really annoying 

Nothing is as a beauty like fall

Go to the mall

Just don’t fall

Just cause it’s fall 



In this blog post you will be learning things about dogs. The reason why I picked dogs is because I have a dog. 

Best Dogs For Kids

Dogs can be amazing at all things and if you have a kid a dog can be great for them. Having fun with your kid and your kid will have fun taking care of it. If you plan to get a dog or another dog look at these kinds of dogs.

       Here are some of the most popular dog breeds for kids:

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Cavoodle
  • Cockapoo
  • Labrador Retriever 
  • Schnauzer
  • Pug
  • Golden Retriever
  • Poodle
  • Beagle

The best dogs for kids should be calm and be happy to be with the family. Having a dog can teach your child (Children) to do some chores like walking the dog and feeding the dog.

Some people want non shedding dogs.

Non Shedding Dogs

Non shedding dogs are a good thing. They don’t shed so your house barely has any fur around it! Here are some non shedding dogs:

  • Maltese
  • Cavoodle
  • Labrodoodle
  • Bedlington Terrier
  • Sealyham Terrier

Though some dogs shed less then others which makes them a non shedding dog no dog doesn’t shed, some just shed less. So if you are allergic I suggest you stay away