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My Podcast Reflection!

on May 25, 2023

Hi y’all, today I will be talking about my podcast. If you didn’t know that, feel free to go to Spotify and search up OJCS Medahbehr or go to this link. Go to: Back To The Titanic and listen in. I have been asked some questions, look down below.

What Went Well?

Almost everything went well. Maybe if Shayna, Abbykitty and I knew if we were supposed to add music or interludes.

What Did I Enjoy

I enjoyed all of it, I enjoyed just getting the chance to read a book I don’t have. I also loved being able to make a podcast, It has been my dream.

What Would I Do Differently?

I would make sure my episode were at least 13 minutes not 30 minutes.

How Else Can I Use Podcasting In School

I could use podcasting in school to talk about what I learned, like a podcast about science.

Thank You For Reading Bye

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