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Hungry – Country Project

on May 23, 2023

Hi everyone


Today I will be telling you about Hungary. We will be learning about populations, religion, food and more. We are going to learn so much your brain will explode! A few questions I will be answering are:

What is the population?

What is a popular food?

What is the climate?

What are some of the geographic features?

What are the main religions?

Some of the neighbouring countries are?

Are there special holidays?

What is the main language?

What is the population?

The population is 9,590,515. That is a good population. It is not the biggest and not the smallest. Hungary is increasing and going down. Hungry is increasing because Hungry’s government lets in lots of immigrants and migrants.

Hungary’s Religions

Hungary’s main religion is Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic takes up 37.2 percent of Hungary’s population. Another religion is Calvinist, which takes up 11.6. One more is Lutheran, which once again takes up 2.2 of Hungary population.

Hungary’s flag

Hungary’s neighbouring countries

Hungry’s neighbouring countries are: Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. All around Hungry.

Europe map

Geographic Features

Hungary’s main features are plains and hills. Plains are grasslands. Some of Plains and Hills are: Great Hungarian Plain, Transdanubian Hills, and Little Hungarian Plain



Hungary’s climate is sort of simple, sort of warm  summers and cold winters. The summer average is 8-11. Hungary’s average for winter is 0- -10

Hungary’s winter

Popular Food

Hungary’s popular food is goulash. It is made with  potato and more. The goulash is like soup. It proper name is Hungarian Goulash. Not the past goulash.



On June 19 it is Hungary’s independent day. On May 21 it is national defence day. Hungry’s independent day in Hungarian is: a fuggetlen magyarorszag napja.

May 21


Hungary’s main language is Hungarian, the language Hungarian is a very hard language filled with accent.

Here are some links to learn some Hungarian and figure out more!

Learn some Hungarian words

Take a tour


Thanks for reading peace out!

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